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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy involves working with the body and like Osteopathy is designed to enhance function and aid recovery. Your practitioner may recommend Massage Therapy as part of your treatment here at The Point.


Massage Therapy is the manipulation of superficial and deep layers of muscle and connective tissues, using various techniques that involve working on the body with pressure, targeting muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or connective tissue.

An appointment normally lasts 60 minutes although treatments from 30 – 90 minutes can be offered according to the condition presented.

If you are treated here at The Point each of your Practitioners will all have access to your treatment plans, enabling them to work together.


Massage Therapy has been around for centuries and there are numerous studies and articles written on it’s benefits.

We know that it can help with muscle soreness or be used to improve the flow of blood and lymph, but there is much more you can gain from this discipline than that:

Reduction of muscle tension
Improvement of sports performance
Relief from depression and insomnia symptoms
Promotion of relaxation and reduction of stress
Soothing headaches

Improved cardiovascular health
Help with fibromyalgia pain (widespread pain in the body)
Assistance with postoperative recovery
Reduction of osteoarthritis pain
Diminished chemotherapy nausea

Like Osteopathy; Massage Therapy can help with almost anything. It has even been proven to alleviate pain and other symptoms in chemotherapy patients.

(if you would like more information on this, you can read more via the Cancer Research website)